Tyre Swings

Our range of Tyre Swings can be custom designed to fit onto your swing frame.
The traditional tyre swing have been used for children play since the model T ford, what better use for a tyre then to re-use as fun activity for children, far better then the dump!
Email orders to swingsandthingsnz@gmail.com    All our swings comply with NZS5828:2004 and are hand made to order.
Tyre Swing
$198 Plus GST
Tyre Strap Swing
$144 Plus GST
Tyre Horizontal pivot with swivel
$246 Plus GST

Double Vertical Tyre Swing
$144 Plus GST

Vertical Tyre Swing
$114 Plus GST
Two Rope Horizontal Swing 
$186 Plus GST
Horizontal Tyre Swing with Trapeze
$198 Plus GST
Hoop Tyre Swing with Trapeze
$144 Plus GST
Hoop Tyre Swing
$168 Plus GST
Double Hoop Swing
$180 Plus GST