Rope Swings

See our range of Rope Swings all custom designed to fit onto your swing frame.
These swings allow children to build their upper body strength, improve balance and confidence.
All our swings comply with NZS5828:2004    Click for our full Brochure
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Note Pricing does not include freight!

Bar Swing
$72 Plus GST

Roman Swing
$72 Plus GST

Trapeze Swing
$114 Plus GST
Roman Bars Swing
$126 Plus GST
Trapeze Swing with Rings
$162 Plus GST

Double Trapeze
$162 Plus GST

Double Trapeze with Rings
$174 Plus GST
Trapeze Swing (sitting)
$126 Plus GST
Sabine Swing
$162 Plus GST
Plastic Tube Swing
$126 Plus GST
Strap Swing
$144 Plus GST
Double Trapeze Swing
$144 Plus GST

Rope Foot Swing Plain $96 Plus GST
Knotted $108 Plus GST

Rope and Dowel Swing
$192 Plus GST
Wooden Platter Swing
Plain: $156 Plus GST
Knotted: $168 Plus GST
Handle $168 Plus GST

2m ropes with thimble Plain $54 plus GST
Knotted $96 plus GST





Varekai Swing
$270 plus GST

Balancing Rope Set average price including fittings $234

Monkey rings average price including fittings and foot rope $318