About Us

Swings and Things is a family run business making playground equipment out of recyclable material whenever possible. We produce swings custom made to suit your swing frame.  We offer re-roping services to replace worn ropes so you don't have to throw away that worn but functional swing.  A complete range of high quality fittings are also available.
We are the combination of a skilled craftsperson and an early childhood teacher.  We have been a manufacturer of specialised outdoor equipment for early childhood centres for 35 years.  


Swings and Things started in 1986 by Rob and Jaye Stewart.  Robs wife Jaye was a Kindergarten teacher in Devonport and Rob was asked to help out with making some equipment for the Kindergarten.  It was called Junk play back then.  Rob made up a few swings and then when word got round and he had to make a few more.  When their daughter was born Rob being one of the new breed of fathers decided to stay at home and bring up the children. This new business of making swings filled a gap and as their children grew so did the business.  

Rob got so well known and had built up such expertise he was even asked for his advice for the NZ standards (NZS5828:2004) you will even see an photo of his swings on the standard book (see below)!

As you can imagine after 35 years of being all things swings and the kids all grown up (now with kids of their own), Rob decided it was time to retire and disappear into the sun set with wife and camper van.   

Rob and Tui (a new Rob) hearing that the business was closing thought it was a tragedy that equipment that has been so well loved in Early Childhood Centre around the country was going to simply disappear.  After the year that was 2020 they decided it was a business that would like to continue and took over in 2021.  After a great deal of training from Rob who has passed on all his years of experience we hope to be able to supply swings to playgrounds for another 35 years.

See below photo of Robs swings from the Standards (NZS5828:2004)