Re-Purpose: How our Products are made

Our Swings are made by re-using or re-purposing tyres and other industrial products, giving them a new life free from the landfill.

While recycling is great, it is actually better to re-use.  Recycling requires a lot of energy, furthermore, if we simply recycle everything, we are using new resources each time we make, sell and buy that item again. 


Reusing or repurposing is a step back in time but also a way forward. Back in our grand parents day, resources were valued.  Items were made to last and to be reused again and again. “Disposable” is a modern term, we can still learn to use the good ideas from the past.  

We therefore re-use materials to manufacturer our swings and at the same time make them to last.   We also offer re-roping serves for swings who ropes have worn or are frayed.

Safety is also an important consideration in our design and manufacture.  All Swings and Things equipment fully complies with NZS5828:2004.  We ensure there is no entrapment points and that swings are made tough to last. (note customers need to regularly check the Fittings and rope etc for signs of wear).  We offer a special swing eyebolt that dramatically reduces wear and squeaks.  You can also take advantage of our re-roping service for any frayed ropes to re-use that old trusty swing.  

We are a New Zealand company and all our swings are made here and custom built to fit your swing frame.  We use locally sourced tyres and barrel to reduce the amount of material going to land fills.

We use high quality strong rope.  The rope are typically spliced onto thimbles with ends heat sealed.  

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