See our range of Fittings all custom designed to fit onto your swing frame.
To order please email:

150mm $16
200mm $17,
250mm $18
300mm $19 
plus GST

10mm Carbine
$10.90 plus GST

12mm Carbine
$16.50 plus GST 

Pendulum Eyebolt
$78 plus GST

 10mm 'D' Shackle
$5.50 plus GST




Stainless Steel
$40 plus GST

Rope Thimble
$5 plus GST
Cleat comes with Screws
$18.25 plus GST
Safety Cap for Eyebolts
$5 plus GST
Galvanised washer
$3.50 plus GST

Rope 12mm
$7 per Metre
Plus GST

Galvanised Chain
$14.50 per Metre
Plus GST